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young-family-together-smallA family was living in a condo in San Francisco. After the birth of their second child, they felt they needed a home with more space to accommodate their growing family. They began looking for a new house, but not too seriously—the idea of staging their home while living there with two small children was just too stressful, plus they knew they wouldn’t qualify for two mortgages. But, not long after they started the house search, they found their dream home—it was perfect for their family. They placed an offer, contingent on the sale of their current home, and crossed their fingers. They were devastated to learn the seller would not accept their offer. So, at the recommendation of their Realtor, they turned to Sofia. Sofia and her underwriter quickly approved the family for a bridge loan, enabling them to write an offer considered as strong as All Cash. To their excitement, the seller accepted and they were able to buy their dream home. Two months later, their old house sold, and the family paid off the bridge loan that made their move possible.

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